Travel Hacks

Some cheeky tips to help you breeze through your next big getaway.

Don’t try to pack in 1 hour
What you expect and how it actually turns out often isn’t quite the same thing. To be fair, sometimes it turns out better than expected and you end up thinking you’re a demi-god, but the stress isn’t worth it regardless of how thrilling it might feel!


Choose the time of your flight
Don’t try to be a hero – you need to sleep. Those red-eye flights should be reserved for necessity only, unless there is some ungovernable saving taking place!

Know who you’re travelling with
If you’re going on your own – great! You get to do what you want, when you want to! If you’re not – just prepare for some mild to major sense of humour failures. It gets a bit tricky when you spend what feels like 24/7 with one or multiple other humans, but at the end of the day, shared experiences are beautiful and memories last forever blah blah blah – you catch our drift.


Currency conversion
Get your foreign paper at the airport and have an idea of what the conversion rate is like. Yes, the Rand is a fuckboy and the exchange rates can be brutal. Life is expensive, but travel is something anyone is lucky to experience, so don’t make it lame AF by stressing yourself out about how much you’re spending in Randelas. Be reasonable, but save beforehand so you can be less of a whip cracker while you’re away.

You have to effing remember:

  • A powerbank because photos and connecitivity
  • Socks, a book and lip balm when flying – you’re thinking of your comfort here
  • A book – it’s like an escape within an escape
  • Sunglasses because the future is looking hella bright and also your eyes need to be protected
  • Headphones – if you’re bumping the new Tay-Tay track you can keep it as much of a secret as it needs to be
  • Passport, VISA and your flight ticket… DUH! Else you’re going nowhere.

Also, don’t forget to tell your bank when and where you’re chucking to, so they can give you access to your paper. For the love of all that’s good and right in the world, chat to your cellphone service provider – you could end up spending an ugly penny on calls and data when you really don’t need to.


Chat to people who have visited cities you’re headed to and be open to new experiences. Whether you know it or not you’re repping SA wherever you are – do best and enjoy it! That’s pretty much it – the rest is wingable!

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