We Go Loko for Bruce

Somewhere in the bustling crowd making their way to the electronic dome, moving as though they are answering a call (or on some kind of musical migration path) a guy drops his scarf. A girl picks it up and drops her hat while pacing towards returning the stray accessory. Another guy, walking behind her, picks up her hat and they meet as she walks back from an act of kindness only to be met by another. Sometimes it seems possible that karma isn’t against immediate gratification.

With a background in Civil Engineering – it’s not too much of a surprise that Bruce Loko’s sound can be described as fluid architecture. The unconventional nature of his music is a fusion of jazz and euphoric sounds that combine to form a unique style of house music.

Nkosenhle Bruce Lokothwayo AKA Bruce Loko was born in Mpumalanga. A CD gifted to him by the legendary Don Laka ignited his passion for music, but it was something he put aside when he pursued academia. It was inevitable fated that he would answer a different calling and find himself back behind the decks as a lead up to the release of his first EP, Plutonic, and then continue to do so. Red Bull Studios produced his sophomore EP, Drago.

Seeing him perform live is like watching building blocks come together to form structures – and as his set grows and evolves – an entire skyline lies before you. It’s an audio-visual journey worth taking.

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