Snakehips Rocks The Daisies

What must happen when Snakehips pulls through to RTD? Apparently a lot – most of which involves you moving, whether you like it or not. Although, to be fair, judging by the crowd last night, okes were digging it hard. It was like a full-force eruption. And why wouldn’t it be?

Snakehips is sneaky AF because their music has infiltrated the ears of people whose music choice might ordinarily be regarded as ‘safe’ or somewhat dull. Unknowingly exposing them to a mix of future bass inspired by the iconic sounds of ‘90s hip-hop, like some kind of happy accident. In reality, their sound is filled with subtleties that often resonate with you long after the track has left your ears. It’s music that’s made with intention. You’re either an avid fan or have heard more of their music than you actually think.

Listening to their music is like getting schooled, without having to break your brain about it. That’s what their appeal comes down to. They’re a class act. Some might even go as far as saying that there is a quirky intelligence about their music – smart enough to make you feel something or a lot.

Who people are comes through in their music or whatever work they do, provided that that’s something they’d like it to do. If banter and cheekiness, with a solid serving of friendship had a sound this would probably be it.

The British duo met in Japan and connected while catching a shared flight to Los Angeles. Oliver Lee and James Carter bonded over their shared interest in music and it wasn’t long before they met up in London. It’s a pretty sweet story considering all the water that has passed in the ocean since then.

When it comes to creating as a duo you can imagine that a majority rule isn’t exactly going to be the practical choice. With that being said, their approach to creating seems pretty reasonable and collaborative – to challenge each other and to justify something when you really believe in it. It’s what the collaborative creative process is all about.

Originally published by Red Bull.
Photo credit: Jonathan Ferreira.

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