K-$’s Top 5 Feel Good Tracks

They’re your mom’s favourite DJ and probably you’re girlfriend’s favourite too. K-$ understands the culture behind the music they create, which gives way to the possibility of them being one of the OG’s we think back on in years to come. They’re also a pretty boy and knows it. We chatted to them and pinned down 5 tracks to blast when you’re in the mood to feel good.

Dayton – Meet The Man

When asked to describe their sound they pin it down as sounding like a classic POC party. It’s made up of all the grooves they grew up listening to – they took it in by means of osmosis based on her parents’ choice in music. Listening to it makes you feel carefree – it’s an escape.

Marvin Gaye – Got to Give it Up

Although they’re incredibly young and fresh, they’ve got a taste for old-school soul, funk and R&B. They reckons they don’t make them like they used to – their theory clocks out when you think about how often a genre like funk is sampled in today’s electronic music age. It’s a form of homage to a bygone era we now think of as ‘classic’. K-$’s ideal is cultivate a sense of appreciation of what was, by bringing it into the now.

Michael Jackson – In The Closet

As a side note: having Naomi Campbell in the MJ music video is bound to make your day.

Jodeci – Freek’N You

In terms of streetstyle, they’re keen to see South African streetwear evolve as an identity on it’s own. More so in the sense that sometimes people replicate looks seen on the American hip-hop scene down to the socks – when we really should be harnessing the power that exists in owning our unique style.

Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On

They recall the first time they heard The Platters at a family friend’s braai – they were still a lightie. The sweet sound of Only You filled the air – similar to the way it does now and probably always will.

Apart from all the sentimental feelings that came from talking to K-$ – their light and breezy personality makes them engaging and enjoyable. We wanted to know what always makes them laugh, to which they responded, “Myself.” It’s pretty rad to have a chat with somebody who knows how to keep it real – somewhere where cockiness and humility meet – the intersection is probably called ‘endearing’… that’s where you’ll find K-$.

Originally published by Red Bull.
Photo credit: Jonathan Ferreira.

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