GinaJeanz at RTD 2017

When it comes to being dynamic – GinaJeanz gets it. When she’s not producing music, she produces art and is known for her stylish ways. Added to that is her eye for aesthetics. You’d think there must be something she’s not good at – maybe she’s not that great live? You’d be wrong.

Her debut performance at the RTD electronic arena was nothing short of electric – a refined mix of fresh new sounds and callbacks to moments of nostalgia. Well blended and engaging – it’s hard not to enjoy her work in all its varieties.

We also need to take a moment for her Pichulik headphones – it’s the perfect combination of fresh on fresh. GinaJeanz just makes everything look extra cool.

The combination of eclectic sounds, well-coordinated lights and the energy that flows through the crowd is something that makes live music at festivals so special. You can’t recreate it in your living room, although you could probably give it a solid try.

Amidst the chaos, there are dusty feet dancing (somewhat haphazardly) – allowing the music to move them freely. The suns sets giving way to the night and smiles are slapped on the faces of strangers… it’s a beautiful thing an entirely underrated.

If you didn’t catch her set at Daises or you haven’t had the chance to see her live, listen to her on SoundCloud to get a feel of what you’ve been missing out on.

Originally published by Red Bull.
Photo cred: Jonathan Ferreira.

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