DJ Lag’s Top 5 Gqom Tracks

If we’re talking about energy in its purest form – we’re talking about Gqom. How must you listen to it and not move? We’re still looking for answers. One of the founders of the movement, DJ Lag, shared his top 5 Gqom tracks with us at RTD – his second time at the annual music festival. Have a read and take a listen.

Given that Gqom originated in Durban and is now spreading, not only locally, but also internationally it’s easy to wonder if it was a sudden hype or long in the making. DJ Lag has been at it since 2013; with a humble albeit unknowing start, he began creating beats for dance crews in his hood. Now he takes Gqom wherever he goes.

OKMALUMKOOLKAT – Gqi ft. AMADANDO (Produced by Rudeboyz)

The tracks he shared are bangers – when he plays them the crowd goes crazy. His set at RTD was flammable. It just goes to show, fat beats and vibey dance music never hurt. He builds his set by incorporating his favourite tracks in intervals – creating rhythmic peaks as he performs.

Distruction Boyz – Shayizandla (Main Mix)

It’s wild to think he started off just playing around, not knowing what would happen. In the last year or so he’s been to Poland, America, Ireland, Japan and more. He never thought music would be his gateway to see the world. It’s worth pursuing the things that truly make you feel alive.

Rudeboyz – Mitsubishi (remix)

The man behind the decks clearly has a sense of responsibility to spread the genre. He also sees the value in further establishing it because of the opportunity it creates for other artists to pursue creating Gqom music. Seeing the amazing work produced by other artists, across genres, keeps him motivated to keep pushing harder – and it shows.

Naked Boys – Spring Shut Down (Gqom Mix)

When he’s not playing music he loves playing Grand Theft Auto and watching his favourite cartoon, The Amazing World of Gumball. From high street car chases to laughing at a high-energy cartoon character – it all exists on a spectrum for DJ Lag.

Cruel Boyz – Cruel Drumz

He sees Gqom as an evolving genre – there’s room for collaboration with vocalists and that is something he’s keen to explore. The genre he started off creating for himself and friends is now something he makes for the masses – for anyone who is willing to let go and give in to the beat.

Keep a look out for new music from DJ Lag in the first quarter of 2018 – if his set last night is anything to go by – he’s bound to be whipping up something extra nice.

Originally published by Red Bull.
Photo credit: Jonathan Ferreira.

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