5 Things PR-folk won’t tell you

  1. They actually give a fuck
    They think your work and the content you create is hot shit. They probably genuinely follow you and enjoy the part of their job that involves looking at all the cool stuff you do. Essentially, they’re fans and they pride themselves in knowing what interests you.
  1. You probably started off on the *list
    The list then went to the client and even if pigs grew wings, when the client said ‘nah’ that’s kind of how the cookie crumbled.
  1. There probably wasn’t just one ‘nah’ from client
    People in PR love it when people who ‘fit the brand’ get to ‘live the brand’. Sometimes that means challenging what their clients think. It’s great when it can be justified, offers a healthy change in perception and helps with the sharing of information. This is where all the research (AKA creeping) in the first point pays off.

    The goal is to facilitate in the collaboration between brands and people. The term implies reciprocity, from both the brand and anyone who gets involved. Basically, PR-folk play the middleman and from where they’re standing they can usually see a fairly level common ground or at least, the possibility of finding one.

  1. Your last minute requests grind their gears…
    Duh! That’s part of the job and most other jobs too. The rad part is that even when it is last minute.com, it’s a chance to get involved with a slick project and it’s (a bit of) a thrill to make sure it gets done.
  1. They’re fucking cheering for you
    Get your mom and any person you’ve worked closely with for PR gigs to have a battle. See who wins, but honestly, just tell your mom ‘soz’ in advance.

*To get the stuff or to go to the thing.


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