5 Things to do in Cape Town

Cape Town isn’t new to the list of ‘places to visit’. It’s a well-known travel destination and most likely one of the cities anyone who visits South Africa is likely to spend some time in. As a result, it’s easy to get caught up in a broad range of tourist activities. That’s not entirely bad, but it’s probably a good idea to throw in some activities that locals are more likely to do too. Here are a few of my favourite things to do when I have some spare time.

  • Brunch
    To be perfectly fair this is usually enjoyed with tequila and good company, but dining solo and tequila can work too! One of my favourite spots is located in one of Cape Town’s culinary streets, Bree Street. You have to make a stop at Clarke’s and have their seasonal fruit bowl with their homemade granola. I don’t usually gravitate towards fruit and nuts for breakfast, but I promise this is so unbelievably good — you’re going to want to eat it more than once.
  • Swim
    This is my ultimate cheat. I love swimming and I love the sea, but during the peak tourist season it can be extremely difficult to find a spot to park your car at the beach. You can always catch a taxi or take a bus, but if you prefer to drive go have a swim at one of my favourite hotels. The Radisson Blu Le Vendome Hotel in Sea Point is the perfect spot to have a sneaky swim and avoid the crowds.

  • Hike
    I feel like Lion’s Head and Table Mountain are hiked most often, but there are loads of awesome routes you can take to see the city and explore the beautiful landscape. My current favourite is The Pipe Track. It’s a flat and comfortable walk, without compromising on great views.

  • Picnic
    Take a blanket, pack your snacks and head to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. It’s one of my favourite places to relax on sunny afternoons. The gardens are so big and spacious that it’s easy to find a peaceful spot to relax and just ‘be’. Take in the indigenous flora and enjoy some wine in the shade of one of the many trees surrounding the lush lawns. To find parking on particularly spectacular days, arrive earlier on in the day or go around in the late afternoon.

  • Drink
    It would be weird if you were in Cape Town and didn’t stop by a wine farm. There are plenty to choose from, but if you’d like to stay close to the city, make a booking at one of the wine farms on the Constantia Wine Route. They’re all divine, but the cheeseboards at Constantia Glen are phenomenal, the wine is delicious and the views are vast enough to make you lose track of time.

There are many other things to do while you’re in Cape Town, but these are some of my favourites. If there are any you’ve done and consider must-sees, let me know. If you’re travelling to Cape Town and would like some tips, let’s connect on Instagram and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction!

Originally published on Wow Travellers.


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