PUMA x Careaux

I saw the debut collab by PUMA and Netherlands-born graphic designer, Caroll Lynn, online. I thought it looked cool. I love patterns and I love PUMA, simple enough. Then I picked up PUMA x Careaux and started swooning.

To be fair, I think materialism is lame, but I also want to live. This collab literally gives me life. I didn’t know I also wanted to be a pretty princess in pink. At this stage of the game, if they had a PUMA x Careaux tiara, I’d probably be keen!

The collection is every bit of fresh and floral you could hope for. The combination of well-made pieces, Caroll Lynn’s signature designs and high quality material, make it hard to put down once you’ve had it in your hands.

Capture+_2016-09-02-14-22-23  Capture+_2016-09-02-13-37-36

Find it at PUMA SELECT, in Cape Town and Johannesburg, as well as Shelflife, COP Capital, X-Trend and Madaiza from 9 September.

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