Fifi Cooper Does 5Live

Fifi Cooper describes herself as a mother, a singer and rapper — born and bred in Mafikeng. Her background shaped her future for a variety of reasons. She grew up exposed to a great deal of talent. When she was younger she used to be a part of Mabana Cultural Village. She always loved singing and dancing — the culture she grew up in cultivated this and allowed her to do what she loves. “There’s a lot of talent from back home,” she says. We couldn’t agree more. The Motswako movement originates in Mafikeng and is consider to be the biggest South African Hip-Hop movement of our time. Motswakolistas HHP and Cassper Nyovest share the same roots. The genre consists of a mix between Setswana and English. Although it originates in the North-West province, Motswako has a broader appeal due to its catchy hooks and flexible flows, which work well when set to danceable beats.

Right now Fifi Cooper’s world consists of enjoying the recording process and spending a solid amount of time writing — she also spends a fair amount of time travelling and loves spending time with her son when she has downtime. 2016 has been a great year for her — she’s still doing things her way and enjoying the success from 20fifi, which was released last year.

Her vision is to be woman who plays a role in inspiring and opening doors for other young women within the music industry. “The industry is still very male dominated. The fact that we are still considered female Hip-Hop artists and not just Hip-Hop artists is something we have to overcome in South Africa,” she says. This same principle holds true for the rest of the world too. She explains that she is inspired by fearless black women within the music industry, like Nicki Minaj and the late, great Brenda Fassie. This makes sense when you consider her ability to speak her mind, remain uncompromised and determined to achieve her goals.

“I’m loyal because when I commit myself to a situation I stick to it, I’m confident and I trust myself a lot. If I’m convinced something is right, I stand for it. I’m passionate and I live by my passion. It’s easy to do something if you love it.”

And new music to look forward to? Says Cooper: “Definitely, we are always releasing new music. Right now people are still enjoying Kuze Kuse and Ngeke. When the right time comes, I will share new hits.” She adds that there are a couple of tracks she’s currently working on — if her track record is anything to go by — they’re bound to be bangers.

Originally published by Red Bull | Photos: supplied

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