7 Life Hacks

We sat down with industry heavyweights, Ready D and Emile Jansen. These guys have been in the industry for over three decades. Here are a few life hacks we picked up from them.

Start small and grow from there
When you have a big idea, you might not necessarily reach it straight away, but you need to start somewhere and move in your desired direction.

Support the culture
Culture is more easily shared in person, which is why mentoring is so important. It also helps create a sense of community. When you share skills about what you love, other people get to love it too.

Believe that you’re going to win
Don’t go out there looking to get somebody else’s autograph. You have to know your worth.

Pick your battles
The real battle isn’t about facing another person, it’s about improving yourself.

Make good choices
Start by having an internal locus of control. Make it less about the opinions of other people and more about your ability to trust your own judgement.

Don’t burn your bridges
Start with being a decent human, then take it from there.

Be willing to evolve
Don’t allow yourself to be boxed in by what you think you’re capable of. Be prepared to be uncomfortable and go beyond your own expectations.

Based on their stories, you can tell Ready D and Emile have got a broad range of experience between them, but more importantly, you can tell that they’ve taken the time to reflect and interpret the lessons they’ve learnt along the way.

Originally published by Red Bull | Photo: Jono Jebus

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