12 Lessons in 1 year

A year ago I didn’t know…

  1. Putting myself first doesn’t make me an asshole
  2. I was scared of being disliked because I didn’t make time to love myself
  3. Failure isn’t fatal or final
  4. The true meaning of “screw it, just do it”
  5. I could thoroughly enjoy my own company
  6. There are so many little things that make each day beautiful if I just pay attention
  7. I can survive and thrive after loss & rejection
  8. The difference between love & infatuation
  9. Being brave takes courage
  10. Every time I give something my all, by that virtue alone, it is good enough
  11. I was shrinking myself because I was scared I’d be “too much” of this or that
  12. All I wanna do, is all I wanna do & if it doesn’t hurt anyone, I’ll do so unapologetically



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