Meet Nolitha

This is from the time I met Nolitha. I was on my way home from the local Agrimark (not even kidding) and stopped to see some cows at one of the nearby farms. She caught me trying to jump the fence and asked if I have a fever. I laughed. She pointed towards a gate I could use instead.


Nolitha is cool for a variety of reasons. She likes little kids and baby animals and stuff like that, so she understands my squeals of delight. She’s also the only female cow herder I’ve ever met, which is dope AF.


Meet Nolitha. She started off saying she’s shy and quiet. I didn’t believe her because when I meet new people I sometimes tell them that same story (cause I’m scared haha). I stayed until we both became silly. Always rad to meet a lovely human.

Nolitha - cover image

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